Can you feel the love?

So I have been a very bad blogger. I have my new blog which I decided to just put my glamour work on ( I know it is long…but it is a long story as to why I am having trouble getting a shorter one. But anyways… I wanted to share pictures of my kids from their recent fun shoot in my new studio space. I have come to the conclusion after many years of trying to get the perfect image of my kids is that I love the imperfect. Not because I can’t get the “perfect” posed image but because my kids aren’t laughing in those images. So there were a lot of fun. Although Charlotte wasn’t too into this time! She has one of these Gerber fruit deals in a pouch and when I took it away you would have though I pulled her toe nails out. She was devastated. So she didn’t last long and I gave in and gave it back…haha..who is training who here?


These next two sets were so funny to me.



My baby girls

So I have a new little space in town to just play with! My girls were little balls of laughter!


We moving!.. the blog of course.

So I am changing these up a little and decided to move my site! Come follow me at


See you over there.


If you don’t kill each other when you are kids how fun they are when everyone is an adult! I can only imagine what my family would do for siblings picture. I wouldn’t really care what the pictures looked like to tell you the truth… it would just be cool to have us all together. But this family was so fun. They hadn’t all been together for a while so this weekend was a special time for them to hang out once again!

I am so sad… I told myself all day…,” Kim plug your battery pack in.” But  things just kept coming up and by the chance I had time… it was just before I was leaving… so I plugged it in for about 30 minutes. Well… after the shot to the right it died! So I am off right now to plug it in… unless bed gets in the way!


Still trying to work on my blog… anyone know how to add a header using CSS in wordpress? I did it before but can’t remember the coding now! ahhhhh.

Excuse my mess

I am updating my page and while I love looking at HTML code… dinner must be made! So hopefully I have time tonight to figure this out~

I am excited because images should be seen BIG!

How cute one is {Colby, KS children’s photography}

This little cutie was so fun today. She sure kept me hoping. We were out in the middle of the afternoon and the shady areas were just not big enough for her… she is more of a run in the sun girl! Thanks Whit for letting me capture her first year.

Just to recap the year:

Whitney so beautiful at I think about 9 1/2 months pregnant!

Baby Landrie! So peaceful.

Landrie at 6 months!

And today. At just about a year!

Soft Vintage {Colby, KS children’s photography}

I have so many pictures of my older kids outside playing but Charlotte is a bit more difficult. She has to be “in” something to prop her up and that something has to go with the image… well while out today I found this sweet simple vintage baby dress. Dressed it up with a satin ribbon and sweet old sweater and viola! My sweet baby is growing up!


Cold rainy days make for good photography play time

Today was awesome… we didn’t go anywhere or do anything! After the hustle of school drop off/pick ups over the past few weeks it was so nice of my hubby to drop off and pick up our son from school. Living outside of town has lots of advantages… the drive is not one of them. So the girls and I did nothing really. We baked cupcakes, had some friends over for lunch, and took naps. And what perfect afternoon couldn’t be make better without a little picture-taking?

The Bain Family {Colby, KS family photography}

This is my good friend and her family. We had a quick session on an overcast and not totally beautiful night…. but their smiles made up for it. Aren’t their boys just adorable?

Home on the Range {Colby, KS Children’s photography}

I am in the process on working on Jackson’s school pictures. These were some from this evening. He had such a great time and tonight was  a total ham!