If you don’t kill each other when you are kids how fun they are when everyone is an adult! I can only imagine what my family would do for siblings picture. I wouldn’t really care what the pictures looked like to tell you the truth… it would just be cool to have us all together. But this family was so fun. They hadn’t all been together for a while so this weekend was a special time for them to hang out once again!

I am so sad… I told myself all day…,” Kim plug your battery pack in.” But  things just kept coming up and by the chance I had time… it was just before I was leaving… so I plugged it in for about 30 minutes. Well… after the shot to the right it died! So I am off right now to plug it in… unless bed gets in the way!


Still trying to work on my blog… anyone know how to add a header using CSS in wordpress? I did it before but can’t remember the coding now! ahhhhh.


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