Conner {Colby, KS Senior photography}

I love seniors but I haven’t photographed a boy in a while. Conner was a blast! Can you believe he doesn’t think he is photogenic? crazy. Tonight was amazing.

As it was getting dark we took out my lights and did some lighting shots. Now… this is an area I would love to rock… not there yet. But I thought they were going to be a bust and they maybe some of my favorites!


The Heart of Art Fall Workshops

The Heart of Art Workshop {The framework}: Learn your camera РBeginner  On October 9th and 23rd from 3-6 pm I will be hosting the framework session of the Heart of Art workshop. This is a great workshop for anyone new to photography and interested in getting your camera off auto! I have room for FIVE people. This workshop will take place in Colby at my home. If you are interested please message me or email me at

Participants will need to bring your own DSLR camera and manual.
Workshop costs $100.00
The Heart of Art Workshop (Work of Heart}: Mastering Exposure Sunday, October 2nd from 3-6 pm. This session is great for anyone who has been working with their camera on the semi automatic modes and no wants to take it a step further. You will learn about the different metering modes and how to quickly get your correct exposure. This workshop will be held in Colby, KS at my home and is $50.00. Limit five people

The Heart of Art workshop {Work of Art}: Holiday Card Design in Photoshop On October 13 and 20 from 7-9 pm I will be hosting the Work of Art session which will focus on making your own holiday cards in Photoshop. You will learn basic design technique and vendors to order professional looking cards through.
Participants need to provide their own laptop and have Adobe Photoshop (which can be downloaded for free for a thirty-day trial from Adobe!)
This workshop will take place in Colby, KS at my home and costs $100.00. Limit five people.

School pictures scouting adventure {Colby, KS children’s photography}

This afternoon my daughters and I were killing time while my son was at a party and so I decided to scout out some new spots for our school pictures! I found some great places right in town. The light was so pretty today and my daughter was easy to bribe with the promise of Sonic. I can’t wait to go back and get some where her hair is combed..haha.

Vintage Red {Colby KS children’s photography}

So while at a rummage sale today I found this super cute little outfit for my daughter. Love this! She has been dying to take picture in this stroller and this outfit just make the whole image!

Let’s go fly a kite….

Our church is having a family kite night next week so I thought it would be fun to test out our kites this evening. We found a few technical difficulties that we need to work on but we ended up getting one of them up! yeah! Ansley’s got up but she wasn’t too into but the end. She rather play with the cat. oh well… it was a beautiful night. Hopefully we are able to get Jackson’s rerigged and in the air by next week.

Our campout

and by “our” I mean Steven, Jackson, and Ansley. Charlotte and I are sleeping in our beds! But we did go out for dinner and I got a few shots. This is always a highlight for the kids. They love campouts with dad! They make a fire, set up tents, do a night walk, and in general have a great time!…good stuff all around!

and yes… Ansley is sporting the Barbie camping gear line! She has her own spin on everything and I love it. The last photo is Charlotte and I… my lame attempt to take a picture of us…but hey we are there.

The Eberle Family {Colby, KS family photography}

Large families are hard work! haha. But we had fun chasing kids (and smiles!). All of the kids in this family were so cute. It was such a nice night and thankfully the rain held off. We were  at the Eberle cabin where it was beautiful! Thank you so much for including me in your memories.


How cool is a fisheye?

I realize it is not for everyone (or everything) but what a fun and cool lens. I just added this to my ever-growing collection of lenses and this one if sweet!!! How fun are these!

Ranch Wedding {Western KS wedding photography}

I don’t usually do this (crash weddings) but my girlfriend was shooting a wedding and I adore second shooting… less stress then being the main wedding photographer.So I loaded up my gear and went to a beautiful little ranch in western Kansas. The whole setting was BEAUTIFUL. Although I have to say that the bride was on of the most stunning I have seen. She stole the show…and what makes her so pretty is that I doubt she knew it! I was just there for the ceremony and for some after shoots. So glad I could go and see such a beautiful day.

I am a sucker for artsy images… I just really liked this one… hope you do to!

The M Family {Colby KS family portraits}

What a great and fun family. All of the kids were home from all over and mom wanted a family picture. They own a little piece of heaven. Their land is just beautiful!