A Little About Me

I am a creative junkie… I like to do things my own way so I love things custom. I am a self taught photoshop junkie as well. I am always amazed by how many cool things you can make. I now stay at home but am putting my art minor to good use. I love what I do… being home with my kids and working on my own terms.

I love photography. I have recently come to realize for better or worse I hate props. What I like most about photography are the little moments, glances, touches, and statements spoken louder and more articulately than any words Webster has. So when I take pictures I am looking for, yes a good picture,  but more importantly a memory you want to hold dear. I like to have fun and most importantly I want you to have fun!


4 thoughts on “A Little About Me

  1. Hi Kim,
    Wow – these are awesome. I want to hire you to make a company flyer or two for me.
    Please go to http://www.sameetingcenter.com. I need a brochure-sized card, one sided or maybe two. Can use photo(s) from the website.
    I also need a new beverly brochure – I can mail or fax the old one. Boring!!
    Thanks, Beverly
    PS Out of town Saturday through Wednesday – no rush……..

  2. Postscript…. I need new business cards and stationary too. I have never had a logo as there is too much inforamtion on the card. But the stationery could use one, and the flyer too. Thanks, Beverly

  3. Kim,

    Hi, my name is Robyn Rogers and I am Jada Tubbs’s aunt. She told me you were having a class on Jan 29 at 9:30 at fotogirl studios? I have told several people and they are very interested as well as myself. Could you give me some info so I can pass it along. Do we need to register for this class? Thank you so much and I will be anxious to hear from you.

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